Transferring to the Bar during a Pandemic

Transferring to the Bar

Transferring to the Bar and cross-qualifying is a change that often falls hand in hand with moving Chambers. We often see people wanting to change from the solicitors side due to becoming specialist advocates, wanting a sole focus rather than the file and client handling side of things. With all these decisions, it’s all about […]

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Moving Chambers: What You Need To Know

Moving Chambers

In our recent webinar, our own Lisa Edmunds (CEO and Senior Consultant Barrister) discussed her experience moving Chambers with Martin Griffiths (Former Chamber Director of Linenhall, Chester). At an often daunting time, moving Chambers comes with many pros and a few cons and during our webinar, Lisa highlighted key elements of the transition that should […]

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Parental Alienation; the headline points

parental alienation

What is parental alienation?  Parental alienation is a phrase that is used to describe when a child is influenced and/or conditioned to align themselves with one parent. Simply put, it is when a child is ‘turned against’ the other parent (and the wider family). Children that have been affected by parental alienation tend to present […]

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Q&A with Pupil Barrister, Amjad Kadhim

amjad Pupillage

In this Q&A, our Pupil, Amjad, talks about his previous experience and his journey towards Pupillage at Unit Chambers. Q: Hi Amjad! What was your experience prior to joining Unit Chambers? After graduating and getting called to the Bar, I was fortunate enough to work for a great law firm in MSB Solicitors as their […]

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