It’s New Dawn it’s a New Day…Life after  F v M and Re H-N [2021]

F v M and Re H-N

Understanding Controlling and Coercive Behaviour [‘CCB’]  Now seems like a good time to ask ourselves, ‘has anything changed; are things better?’ Answering that question, I personally think there is more awareness and a better understanding around coercive and controlling behaviour but the profession is still struggling with being consistent in how allegations of this type […]

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Kinship Assessments

kinship assessments

Mounting a challenge to a negative connected person assessment  This article is intended as a support to constructing an effective challenge to a negative connected person assessment, whether that challenge is coming after the viability stage, after the full assessment stage and perhaps in support of a part 25 application for an independent social work […]

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Mi Casa Su Casa? As always, it depends.

financial matrimonial home

In the vast majority of Financial Relief cases the matrimonial home will be treated as a matrimonial asset. It is a rare scenario indeed where one party has reasonable prospects of persuading the court that the family home, usually the physical, emotional and financial centre of the family, is not a matrimonial asset to be added to the pot and divided with equal entitlement. However, […]

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