Remembering Victoria Climbié

Victoria Climbié

Why Victoria?  On 2nd November 2021 Victoria would have celebrated her 30th birthday, a milestone occasion for any adult and a time to be celebrated.  In her memory and to mark what would have been an important birthday, I have chosen to dedicate my article to Victoria.  This subject strikes a particularly poignant chord for me as I like […]

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Termination of Parental Responsibility

Parental Responsibility Jess Purchase Unit Chambers

There are various routes by which a person can acquire parental responsibility (“PR”) for a child. But what are the options for removing or restricting PR before it automatically ends once the child reaches 18?  In any case, regardless of how PR was acquired, the welfare of the child is the Court’s paramount consideration when determining whether […]

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Redressing the Balance in the Financial Remedies Court

Transparency in the Family Courts

The Family Court system is currently experiencing a sea change with respect to transparency and openness, having long been a secretive and largely misunderstood area of law. We are starting to see strides towards change with the publication of Confidence and Confidentiality: Transparency in the Family Courts. Alongside this, Mostyn J and HHJ Hess, as […]

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