Following key changes to the law, members of the public seeking legal advice or representation, within the family law, can now approach a barrister direct. Legal aid (public funding) is not available to members of the public like it used to be.

Instructing a barrister directly under the Direct Access Scheme will usually be the most cost effective option because barristers are self-employed and have much lower overheads than solicitors. You can instruct a barrister to deal with certain aspects of your case that you cannot deal with yourself, whereas solicitors will generally need to deal with everything.

Usually barristers will agree a fixed fee in advance of any work undertaken. Therefore, allowing you to keep tight control over your budget.

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Any court process involving your children is daunting, emotional and complicated. Unit Chambers pride themselves on making those difficult times a little easier. If we think that you might be entitled to legal aid or that your case requires the attention of a solicitor then we will tell you this.

There is an initial free online consultation as to whether your case is suitable for the direct instruction of our team. Unit Chambers is based in Liverpool and Manchester, however, our public access barristers travel the country to attend all different court centres and use modern technology such as Microsoft Teams to easily facilitate conferences and meetings.

Lisa Edmunds

Senior Consultant Barrister


Amjad Kadhim

Consultant Barrister