Following ongoing growth across Chambers practice, Unit Chambers is delighted to be in a position to offer up to 2 pupillages commencing in May and/or October 2023:

Chambers is a non-Gateway set. Unit’s pupillage vacancies are however all advertised on the Pupillage Gateway.

All applications for Pupillage must be made through Chambers’ online application form submitted by email, we will not consider any applications submitted before 11am on 5th January 2023 in accordance with the schedule below.

Application details and timetable for the next 12-month Pupillage are as follows:

05.01.2023 @ 11am

Applicants will be asked to upload a CV and cover letter from the 05.01.23. The criteria is set out within our pupillage policy which can be accessed here.

Applicants are encouraged to complete an equality and diversity form which can be accessed here.

08.02.2023 @ 11am

The application process for pupillage at Unit Chambers will close. No submissions or amendments to applications will be allowed after this date.


Announcement of candidates to be invited for first round interviews.

Week commencing 27.02.23: 

First round interview (in person).


Announcement of candidates to be invited to second round interviews.


Second round interview (in person).

05.05.2023 @ 9am

Offers of pupillage will be made.


Deadline for accepting the offer.