Lexis Nexis Chambers of the Year 2024

We recently took five minutes to sit down with our newest Pupil Barrister, Claudia to catch up and discuss how she’s feeling as she starts her second six of pupillage.

  1. Can you share your journey so far as a pupil barrister at Unit? How have you found it?

I began pupillage with Unit Chambers in November 2023 and have just began my second six and gone on my feet. From the start of pupillage, I was exposed to a wide range of cases ranging from financial remedies to care proceedings. I have had the opportunity to learn from shadowing my pupil supervisor and from shadowing other members of Chambers to see cases at various levels of seniority. Throughout my first six I have had the opportunity to draft orders and complete various advocacy exercises to prepare me for getting on my feet. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first six months of pupillage and could not have felt more supported by Chambers in preparing me for starting my second six.

  1. Now that you’ve completed your first six and are in your second six, what aspects of family law are you most excited to delve deeper into?

Within my second six of pupillage, I have already completed cases regarding non molestation orders, private children and financial remedies. As Unit Chambers is a family law set, I have had the opportunity to see all areas of family law in my first six and look forward to representing in the same in my second six. 

  1. As a junior barrister, how do you navigate the complexities of family law cases while still providing empathetic and sensitive support to your clients?

Since starting my second six, it has been important to balance providing support to the client whilst also navigating any legal complexities. I would always explain any legal terms with the client and ask if they have any questions. I also ensure following the hearings the client is aware of the court’s decision and any directions which they are required to follow, being aware that hearings can be overwhelming for clients especially within sensitive matters in family law.  

  1. What advice would you give to someone just about to start their pupillage?

Most importantly, I would advise someone just about to start their pupillage to have confidence in themselves. Pupillage can be overwhelming at times with a lot of learning curves and it is important to remember why you have been chosen for pupillage. I would also advise to be organised from the beginning, such as creating weekly to do lists, which can assist when you have multiple cases to ensure you have completed all the required conduct for each case. 

A big thank you to Claudia for sitting down with us for this Q&A.

If you’d like to know more about Claudia and her experience, check out her bio here.

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Lexis Nexis Chambers of the Year 2024

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