Navigating family law complexities has become more accessible. With recent legal changes, individuals seeking family law advice and representation can now directly engage barristers, bypassing the need for solicitors. Note that previous legal aid funding is no longer available.

Through the Direct Access Scheme, barristers provide tailored expertise at a lower cost due to their self-employed status. Fixed fees are agreed upfront, ensuring budget control. Barristers’ roles mirror those under solicitor instruction – offering advice, representation and document drafting. Most cases can be managed under this scheme, though some may require solicitor involvement.

Unit Chambers eases the challenges of cases involving children, prioritising clear communication and understanding. While we don’t handle administrative aspects like court document delivery, we guide and support clients. Our fee structure is transparent with upfront agreements.

Get started with a free online consultation to assess direct instruction suitability. Unit Chambers’ direct access barristers are available nationwide, using modern platforms like Zoom, Skype and Teams for virtual meetings.

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