If you think your case might be suitable for direct access representation and you wish to instruct one of our barrister then these are the next steps;
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Eve Humphries, our dedicated Public Access Practice Manager, will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the form.

Once you and Eve have discussed matters and if Eve determines that your case is suitable for one of our members you will be offered a free screening call with the barrister that you have chosen.

Within 3 working days of speaking to Eve you will have you free appointment with your barrister. It is an opportunity for you and your barrister to better understand matters before anything formal is decided.

If you and your barrister decide that your case is suitable and that you wish to book the barrister Eve will speak to you about the cost involved. You will be sent a written quotation.

If you are happy with the quotation then you will be asked to consider and sign an agreement that will set out the terms and conditions.
Thereafter, you and your barrister will start work on your case in the way that has been agreed.