Empowering Change Through Community Engagement 

At Unit Chambers, we actively participate in our community, committing to making a meaningful impact beyond the courtroom. Our chosen charity, that holds a very special place in our hearts is the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. 

Championing Care for Young People

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital stands as a beacon of hope for families and children in need. With our unwavering support, we contribute to the noble mission of making Alder Hey a world-class, patient-friendly haven for the 330,000 patients and their families who rely on its care each year.

A Commitment that Speaks Volumes

Our partnership with Alder Hey Children’s Hospital is more than a mere association; it’s a heartfelt commitment. We engage with the charity through various initiatives that include:

  • Annual Charity Quiz Night: A blend of fun and purpose, our Annual Charity Quiz Night serves as a platform to not only test your knowledge but also raise funds that can make a difference in the lives of young patients.
  • Raffles and Bake Sales: Sweetening the deal for a good cause. Our raffles and bake sales offer delightful treats while contributing to the betterment of children’s lives.
  • The Liverpool Dragon Boat Race: Stepping out of our professional roles, we come together as a team to paddle towards a brighter future for the children under Alder Hey’s care.
  • The Liverpool Santa Dash: The infamous Santa Dash is more than a run; it’s a journey towards making a difference.
Isabel Hawkins, Unit Chambers Charity Committee
Lyana Chan, Unit Chambers Charity Committee

An Innovative Approach to Giving Back

Behind every successful initiative, there’s a dedicated team. Our Charity Committee (consisting of Lyana Chan & Isabel Hawkins), is at the forefront of this effort, tirelessly brainstorming and executing innovative strategies to raise funds for a cause that matters. Their commitment reflects our belief in the power of community engagement and collaboration.

Our Commitment to Pro Bono Work

Servicing the community is deeply embedded in our values and one significant way we give back is through our proactive involvement in pro bono work. We take immense pride in being part of a pioneering pro bono alliance with local university law clinics and WeAreAdvocate, a nationally recognised charity dedicated to sourcing free legal assistance from barristers across England and Wales. This alliance underscores our belief in using our legal expertise to empower those who may not have the means to access justice otherwise.

For us at Unit Chambers, pro bono work goes beyond fulfilling a professional obligation. It’s a conscious choice to extend our legal expertise where it can make a real impact. Through this alliance, we are empowered to provide vital legal help to individuals who might otherwise be left without a voice.

Our Pro Bono Ambassador: Bella Tait

Bella Tait, Unit Chambers Pro Bono Ambassador

When it comes to pro bono work, our Pupil Barrister, Bella Tait, shines as an inspiring example. As a Pro Bono Ambassador for Unit Chambers, Bella’s commitment to giving back is not just a footnote in her journey, it’s an integral part of who she is. Early in her second six period of pupillage, Bella demonstrated her commitment by completing The Pupil Pledge – an admirable initiative that speaks volumes about her dedication to serving those in need.

Empowering the Next Generation: Pro Bono Pathways

At Unit Chambers, we are committed to nurturing the legal leaders of tomorrow. Our Pro Bono Pathways Student events stand at the intersection of education, inspiration, and community outreach.

These events serve as a bridge for young legal talent, connecting students from local universities with invaluable insights into the world of pro bono work. Through engaging presentations, interactive sessions and networking opportunities, we aim to empower students with the knowledge and inspiration needed to embark on meaningful pro bono pathways.

By participating in Pro Bono Pathways, students not only gain exposure to the intricacies of pro bono work but also become part of a community committed to making a difference. We believe that fostering a sense of social responsibility among young legal minds is pivotal in shaping a more just and equitable future.