We are unable to accept legal aid cases; our public access services are privately funded. Payment is required in advance, with terms outlined in your agreement. Typically, we request 100% of the fee within 7 days of the hearing.

Costs depend on case complexity, barrister choice, work volume, hearing type and paperwork. You can complete the form below for accurate assessment and cost discussion. Quotes are based on hourly rates or fixed fees, subject to VAT. Payment options include online or direct bank transfer.

Our public access team’s hourly rates range from £150-£750 + VAT, managed by Eve Humphries, our public access lead. Additional costs are agreed in advance, covering travel and accommodation if needed. For added work, you’re consulted beforehand; leaving you with no unexpected bills. Our fees framework is detailed in the Transparency Document.

Legal aid inquiries can consult solicitors for eligibility. If eligible, you can still choose private barrister services. Our Support Team can assist you with anything you may need; contact us using the form below and we will respond within 48 hours.

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