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Our Pupil Barrister, Natasha Khalique will be getting on her feet on 1st September after completing her first-six. Natasha has had a fantastic first six months with us and we can’t wait to see what exciting things the future has in store for her! We managed to grab five minutes with Natasha to discuss her pupillage journey so far and what her goals are for the next six months.

Q: Hey Natasha, thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. Let’s kick off your pupillage Q & A with talking about what you’ve learned during your pupillage thus far?

A: So much, where do I even begin?! I’ve been very lucky to have undertaken a family specialist pupillage. This has allowed me to gain experience in the full spectrum of family law proceedings including financial remedy, public, private and international children law. I’ve personally really loved this and it has been a fantastic opportunity in terms of getting up to speed with the law.

Over the past six months, I have been able to practice my drafting and advocacy skills. Unit Chambers have put on advocacy sessions based on real cases, simulating last minute briefs, and going before a retired District Judge. Receiving regular feedback from senior members has been invaluable for my development and has allowed me to continuously work on my core skills and build a solid foundation.

Natasha Khalique Unit Chambers

Q: What would you say are your top takeaways from your first six?

A: My top 4 takeaways from my first six are:

  1. Anything can happen at any given time – remain like a swan, graceful but furiously paddling below the surface
  2. The learning never stops – it’s a marathon not a sprint
  3. Remember to eat and stay hydrated – you can’t pour from an empty cup
  4. Enjoy it – the highs AND the lows

Q: Are you looking forward to getting on your feet now your Pupillage is coming to an end?

A: Yes! For the most part, I’m very excited about getting on my feet but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. There comes a natural point where you’re ready to fly the nest and I would say I’m at the stage now. I can’t wait to start accepting my own briefs, being able to meet clients, provide legal advice and start putting all my learning into practice. I’m ready for the next part of my pupillage journey!

Natasha Khalique Unit Chambers

Q: How’s your first week looking after you finish your Pupillage, what have you got on?

A: It’s looking very busy! I’m straight into a public care final hearing and a private children law final hearing in my first week, so I’m really looking forward to diving right in!

Q: What has been the hardest part of Pupillage?

A: Without a doubt, completely pupillage remotely. I didn’t notice the difference until I went to an in-person fact find hearing. I had only observed remote hearings up until this point. I remember saying to my supervisor, “my pupillage has just stepped up a whole new level, it’s gone from 2D to 3D.” As silly as it sounds, it had a different dimension that I hadn’t experienced when working remotely. I loved the client interaction, going back and forth having negotiations with your opposition and being in a physical courtroom.

Q: What are you hoping to achieve as a Consultant Barrister looking towards the future?

A: Looking to the future, I hope to keep challenging myself to drive the best outcome for clients. My hope is to build a strong, busy practice, be known as a safe pair of hands and a barrister who goes that extra mile for their client. I am excited to see how my medical sciences background will come into play and be of use. I have a keen interest in financial remedy, private and international children law work and would like to explore these areas further over the coming years. Watch this space!

If you would like to learn more about Natasha’s experience and expertise, check our her Bio here.

Alternatively, feel free to reach out to us on [email protected] for more information about Natasha.

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Lexis Nexis Chambers of the Year 2024

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