Lexis Nexis Chambers of the Year 2024

Over the last twelve months I feel a sense of great pride and real satisfaction because we’ve completely surpassed our expectations. We’ve gone from a team of one, it was just me this time last year, to a really strong and supportive team of fourteen. Not only that, we’ve seen an increase in the work we receive, not just in terms of quantity, we’ve had over 500 cases in the past twelve months, but the quality of work has been exceptional.

It’s all new in some respects to me, but I’ve loved that, I’ve loved learning new skills and we are a team so there isn’t me and them, we’re all one, we all have one voice. We’ve made sure that the way we are set up and organised ensures that everyone is equal and everyone has a voice and we make sure that each week we come together as a team and we celebrate our successes but we also address, in the moment, any areas where we could improve upon.

With the team, they bring a new energy, a new focus and a new drive. They share our vision to disrupt the status quo, so moving forward with a fresh outlook in terms of what we do, but at the same time still respecting  the tradition of our profession. That energy is quite contagious so that’s exciting and something that I really enjoy sharing with the team. They are also keen to develop their own practice and it’s great to be part of that and to help individuals work towards achieving their own personal goals. With that comes great success for the team.

Lisa Edmunds Unit Chambers

For the next year, we obviously want to ensure that the team is strengthened. So we will look after the team that we’ve got and make sure that their own personal objectives are met. We want to make sure that the clients we look after, whether professional or otherwise, are still receiving that first class service that we have delivered to them and for them for the last twelve months. It’s really important that those standards are maintained but bettered where possible and that we continue to grow and make a difference.

We’ve got a lot of exciting plans for the future. Recently, Jenna Lucas has joined the team. With Jenna comes a whole new range of services we offer. Jenna specialises in financial cases and also cases relating to children especially with an international element. So we are very excited to support Jenna and see that area of the business grow. We’ve also set up Unit Law which means moving forward we want to be able to offer a diverse range of legal services which will include arbitration, mediation and early neutral evaluations. So watch this space!

Lisa Edmunds

CEO and Senior Consultant Barrister

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Lexis Nexis Chambers of the Year 2024

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