Lexis Nexis Chambers of the Year 2024

In this Q&A, our Pupil, Amjad, talks about his previous experience and his journey towards Pupillage at Unit Chambers.

Q: Hi Amjad! What was your experience prior to joining Unit Chambers?

After graduating and getting called to the Bar, I was fortunate enough to work for a great law firm in MSB Solicitors as their Court Clerk. My role involved attending court to provide our vulnerable clients with support for what would be an emotional and distressing chapter of their lives. In addition, the firm was keen to support my ambitions by providing an opportunity to conduct advocacy on their behalf for several private law hearings.

Q: What inspired you to apply for Pupillage with Unit Chambers?

I was drawn to Unit Chambers because of the opportunity to be part of something new and exciting! Unit Chambers distinguishes itself from other sets across the country by looking at the landscape of the Bar and taking the best parts of operating a set while discarding what would be useless and unnecessary. The end result is a set that provides a new, streamlined and innovative service to both the clients and solicitors while respecting the traditions of the Bar.

Q: How was your interview experience with us?

I had expected the interview, like many others, to be a daunting and challenging experience. However, the Pupillage committee does a great job to put you at ease so that you can give your best performance and show them what you are all about. That being said, the interview was no walk in the park, so don’t expect an easy ride!

Q: What does your new role as a Pupil look like at Unit Chambers?

I am doing a twelve month Pupillage so at the moment I have just started my first six. It has been a great experience so far, shadowing Lisa in her practice and putting the principles I learned in training into practice. I will start my second six and finally be on my feet in May 2021.

Q: Why do you think people should consider a career with Unit Chambers?

I would say that Unit Chambers doesn’t just offer you the opportunity to develop a busy and thriving practice but an opportunity to be part of something new, different and refreshing in a profession which hangs on to its old traditional ways. With the set only starting recently, it is a chance to meet and work with new colleagues from all different backgrounds to help build something new from the ground up. Unit Chambers has grown since it first started and it is only going to keep growing!

Q: What was the highlight of your first week?

Definitely the first day of Pupillage! It wasn’t just about coming into a new environment for me or starting a new chapter but the feeling of pride and gratitude to get to that position. It was a long journey to get to Pupillage for me so I felt very grateful to reach the finish line and pursue my ambition to be a barrister.

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Lexis Nexis Chambers of the Year 2024

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