Financial Remedy Cases: Effective Advocacy in Proceedings

financial remedy cases

Here are some pointers as a starter for ten… Preparation is key—if you know your case, you cannot trip up. Do not under prepare as you will do yourself a disservice, along with your client. Do your research and know your case law! In financial remedy proceedings, you will need this to back up the […]

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Pupillage Q&A with Claudia Saxton: Start of Second Six

We recently took five minutes to sit down with our newest Pupil Barrister, Claudia to catch up and discuss how she’s feeling as she starts her second six of pupillage. Can you share your journey so far as a pupil barrister at Unit? How have you found it? I began pupillage with Unit Chambers in […]

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Unlocking Barriers: The Neurodiversity Challenge in the Legal System

neurodiverse lawyers

Navigating the legal profession is often likened to traversing through complex legal statutes, but what if the hurdles extend beyond case law? A recent survey conducted by Neurodiversikey explores the acceptance of neurodiverse barristers and lawyers and sheds light on the pervasive challenges faced by individuals with diverse neurotypes. The findings from the survey conducted […]

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Co-parenting your children? There’s an app for that! 

In 2009, Apple coined the phrase “there’s an app for that” when launching the iPhone 3G. Fast forward fifteen years and there truly is indeed, an app for everything. These days, you can manage your internet banking, watch TV, and even book flights to the other side of the world all from a smartphone in […]

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